Vanilla Miracle


Vanilla miracle has produced and distributed high-quality vanilla for more than ten years. all our farmers and team members have more than ten years of experience in the vanilla industry. So, there’s no question about the quality of our products.

About our production

We have been able to dominate the vanilla market because of a few unique principles that we follow throughout all stages of our organization (starting from cultivation all the way up to distribution).


To create a brand new website for a rebranded company (Vanilla Miracle) and run an Organic SEO campaign for related keywords. increase awareness of social networks.


Developing a brand new SEO friendly website with new SEO techniques. Finding niche keywords for the website (Vanilla related keywords). Creating social media profiles and running campaigns to increase awareness.


In the first month, we achieved top search results on selected keywords in major search engines. increased awareness and the engagement of the brand name on social networks and very strong relationship with an ecstatic client.


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