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Outsourcing is the best business practice for forward-thinking companies. Therefore, we have mastered the art of BPO and KPO services

Why Choose Sri Lanka for Outsourcing Services?

Sri Lanka is one of the top destinations for overseas outsourcing. It is a serious competitor among India and the Philippines, for BPO and KPO services. Although, there are many reasons why Sri Lanka provides overall better employees for offshore outsourcing services than the competitors.

Sri Lanka has a literal level of 96.3%, as education plays a major part in the life and culture of the country. This has made Sri Lanka the most ideal destination for both BPO and KPO services.

Most importantly, Sri Lanka has a high number of undergraduates, postgraduates who are working in both BPO and KPO companies.

Furthermore, Sri Lanka is ranked among the top 5 offshore outsourcing destinations in the world.

Also, Sri Lanka has won the ‘Best offshore outsourcing destination of the year’ accolade awarded by the National Outsourcing association UK successively in the past years.

A Little bit about Acril Outsourcing

Acril Holdings is the leading outsourcing company in Sri Lanka. It is also one of the top offshore outsourcing companies in South Asia.

Acril Holdings started providing business process outsourcing and KPO back in 2016. So far, it has expanded its’ clientele throughout the United States, Europe, and Australia.

Furthermore, it has been an uphill climb since the start. We have organized and trained hundreds of specialized teams for many different overseas companies.

Yes. When you outsource to Acril Holdings, we can assure you of saving more than 40-50% of your operating cost without compromising on quality or timeliness. In fact, you will maximize your ROI.

You can pay us via Bank Wire Transfer, Credit Card, or PayPal. You can contact us for more details.

You can contact one of our sales representatives on +94 77 070 9192 (WhatsApp) or write about your project to [email protected]


Reasons to Outsource with Acril Holdings?

Acril Holdings has been able to provide 99% accuracy when it comes to Outsourcing services.

Further, we have well-tested, specialized training programs specifically targeting each of our areas of service. This includes both business process outsourcing and knowledge process outsourcing.

Most importantly, we are also known for very competitive employee hiring rates.

In addition, we have a highly skilled/qualified team of trainees who conduct all our BPO and KPO training programs.

Furthermore, we recruit both undergraduates and postgraduates, who are fluent multilingually.

Most importantly, every individual has to go through our selection tests before they are selected to work with us. This is why we have been able to maintain such a high accuracy level.

We work around the clock and we provide services tailored to any time zone.

Also, We are all about delivering the best results for our clientele, WITHOUT going over budget.

In addition, we provide both BPO and KPO services for businesses of all sizes.

99.99% Accuracy

Budget Oriented

Multilingual Services

Services Available in any Timezone

Special Training Programs

Highly Skilled Professional Teams

24/7/365 Day Support

Solutions for Businesses of All Sizes

Our Business Process Outsourcing Services (BPO)

Business process outsourcing from the name itself explains its meaning. Although, it can be further analyzed. BPO means Outsourcing secondary services within a  business, to a different organization. 

Areas that fall under Business Process Outsourcing, are highly time-consuming activities in a business.

For example, Data Entry, Marketing, Customer Care, and Technical Support are some of the main BPO services. And all of these services require a lot of manpower, office space, and tech gear.

Therefore, the main purpose of outsourcing services:

-  Focus on core business areas

-  Reduction in cost (Operational cost)

-  Productivity improvement

-  Access to the highly competent skill pool

-  Enhancement in quality

Business Process Outsourcing can be done mainly in three ways, logistically.

   01) Inshore outsourcing

02) Nearshore outsourcing

   03) Offshore outsourcing

If your business is located somewhere outside South Asia (US, Europe, Russia or Australia), offshore outsourcing from Sri Lanka could be highly profitable for you. Mainly because:

-  The currency devaluation in developing countries (especially in Sri Lanka)

-  The high literacy level (96.3%) in Sri Lanka

BPO outsourcing allows businesses to provide an overall better customer experience as well. Because, most importantly, the right BPO company would put in place proper training programs, maintain efficiency and professionalism.

Call Center and Help Desk services play an important role in all successful companies. It helps to maximize customer satisfaction. Further, it improves the relationships between the customer and the business.

It requires a well-trained call center/help desk team in order to run a business properly. Therefore, it is not an easy task. By outsourcing your call center and help desk services with us, you will have more time and space to carry on your business.

We can build and train a professional help desk and coding team for a much cheaper price while guaranteeing you a 100% professional service. They handle technical issues and resolve the problem quickly. We train our team to work with rapidly changing technologies and business needs.

The team we build will not include a bunch of script readers; they will work as a professional offshore IT and technical support team. They will be working in the same time zone as your business, and we offer 24/7 customer service.


All data entry services require a team that works around the clock with a good amount of training. This could be :

-  Accounting data entry 

-  image tagging

-  Product data entry

-  Copy and paste

-  Document data entry

-  E-commerce product data entry

-  Product upload and listing

-  Real Estate appraisal data entry

-  The real estate property listing

-  Logistic data entry

The training, equipment, wages and office space would add up to a lot of money. Therefore, we recommend you outsource your data entry services with us. We can build you a professional dream team, who will work around the clock making it more efficient, more accurate and faster, at a way cheaper price tag.

The online presence of your business is crucial to this day and age. If you are not on the first page of Google for your products or services, you are missing out big time. SEO could be quite expensive because it takes a team of experts working around the clock to rank your website on different search engines. Yet, because it is an absolute necessity in this day and age, you may be stuck in a sticky situation.

As we are a well-recognized offshore IT outsource company ourselves, we recommend you to Outsource SEO services. We have professional SEO analysts, content writers, and web developers working with us. As a result, this will cut back the SEO budget in a huge margin. We will make sure that your business website ranks on top of Google search results. You will also receive 24/7 customer support as well.

Social media is where everyone spends the most amount of time nowadays. So, it is crucial to have your business on every major social media platform out there. although It requires paid professionals to run Facebook and Instagram ads.  Also, in order to create eye-catching content for Social Media Marketing (SMM), you need to have skilled photo and video editors in-house. Consequently, all of this will cost you a lot of money, and office space, the latest tech, and equipment as well as many other expenses.

That is why you should Outsource social media marketing with us. We can get all your Social Media Marketing work done including content creation by professionals at a very reasonable cost.

This comes in many forms. Marketing is the key to expand and find potential clientele. However, hiring a marketing staff inhouse could cost you a fortune and a lot of office space. Meanwhile, we have very professional experts who have a lot of experience in the international marketing sector.

Lead generation is one of the most important aspects to get more sales in your business. and It is a very delicate process to generate high quality and valid leads and requires the attention of well-experienced professionals.

Our Cold Calling, Internet Marketing, and email marketing professionals use customer information databases or from given cold calling lists based on your specific needs. That is why Outsourcing the marketing and lead generation process is the best option for you.

It is both times consuming and expensive to train and maintain a medical billing and coding team.

Let’s face it, it takes a huge amount of time and effort to train and run a medical billing and coding staff. The endless lists of medical billings, insurance follow-ups, and claim processing could take up an endless number of hours and an army of employees.

Having an in-house team for medical coding and billing would cost you a fortune and quite a lot of office space too.

By outsourcing it with us, you will save all the extra expenses that cost on resources, valuable office space and hefty wages too. We can arrange the best medical billing team for you in no time, and train through experts, in no time.

Our Knowledge Process Outsourcing Services (KPO)

Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) is an extended version of BusinessProcess Outsourcing (BPO). Furthermore, KPO is when a business outsources a different organization to handle all knowledge-based work.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) firms perform high-level tasks for which highly skilled personnel are required.

KPO requires in-depth knowledge, domain expertise, judgment and interpretation power of the workers. In addition, KPO needs employees who are capable of applying their knowledge. Mainly, because the work entails decision making on specific issues.

Knowledgeable employees demand high wages. Further, When recruiting staff for knowledge Proces services, advanced training programs are required to train the staff.

In addition, it also requires high tech equipment and office space.

The main reasons for outsourcing KPO services:

-  Focus on core business areas

-  Reduction in cost (Operational cost)

-  Productivity improvement

-  Access to the highly competent skill pool

-  Enhancement in quality

Overseas outsourcing is very effective to minimize costs when it comes to Knowledge Process services.

Sri Lanka is the best overseas outsourcing destination. Mainly because of the number of graduates in Sri Lanka is super high. And the literacy level of Sri Lanka is way higher than the other developing countries in South Asia (ex: India).

Finance and accounting are two major areas of any business organization. Accountants are very expensive to hire. You will probably need a whole team of accountants to maintain accounts and finance. This will multiply the expenses.

Wages, office space rental together with utility bills may add up quite quickly, costing you a fortune.

That is exactly why you should outsource your accounting and finance with us. We recruit graduates with finance and accounting degrees. We train them with a team of professionals. Especially, in order to make them familiar with your specific business model.  You will not have to worry about secrecy, as we take strict measures to protect your data.


Running an HR department within the business grounds could be quite hectic.

HR policies, procedures, compliance laws labor laws could not be everyone's strong point. And it cost a lot of money to recruit, train, and maintain a decent HR team.

Therefore, we recommend you to Outsource HR Services with us. We have highly-qualified HR professionals. We are capable of building the perfect HR team for your business and train them by HR experts.

Our training programs are focused on building a resourceful and professional HR team, with a thorough understanding of your business and the employees.

Lawyers are one of the most expensive yet, must-have entities for a business.

Legal support services will help your business handle all the legal aspects of the cooperate world. Above all, this will safeguard the reputation and assets of your business.

However, hiring lawyers and paralegals full time may cost you a fortune. So, that is why you should do legal outsourcing for your business.

At Acril Holdings we have an arsenal of experienced lawyers and paralegals who are highly professionals. We can build you a legal processing team according to your type of business within weeks. We can provide you a whole team working full time for your company. This will save you a lot of money and a lot more efficient.

This way you will not have to worry much less about your legal expenses and focus on improving your business more.

Steps to Build Your Offshore Dream Team - Outsourcing Sri Lanka





Discuss your project

At this stage, we identify your outsourcing requirements and figure out together how we can best serve you.

We build your offshore outsourcing dream team

This stage takes up to 2 weeks. Yet, the time may vary according to the project. At this stage, we recruit and train your offshore dream team according to the manuals and outsourcing project requirements.

Start your outsourcing project

With your green light, we are all set to start your project at this stage.

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