Acril Tea

Acril Tea was founded out of the need to bring to the public teas that until now are little known outside of Sri Lanka.
True gourmet teas delight your palate. from the minute you open the package and smell the aroma, AAAH! do you remember that smell of fresh tea


To increase website visitors and awareness on the internet. Managing a successful campaign on social media and the internet. investigate and rescue a rankings drop.


Finding the niche keyword of the website (organic tea in Sri Lanka, Organic tea, black tea, Sri Lanka organic tea) and introducing a contextual campaign on Google to increase visitors to the website. Running social media campaign and improving organic SEO on the website.


Generated great results, witnessing great traffic increases, and enjoying a smooth relationship with an ecstatic client. the website shows on the 1st page of Google search result under the above-selected keywords

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