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  • June 16, 2020
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What-is-Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is SEO, really? 

Everyone talks about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).YET, have you always wondered what it really meant? Great! You have come to the right place.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of organizing and making changes to a website. This is done in order to rank it on organic Google search results for relevant keywords/phrases.

What are the KEYWORDS? How important are they for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION?

First, we’ll discuss what keywords are. Keywords/phrases are certain words or phrases that people search for on Google. Especially, when they are looking for a certain product or service on Google.

  • For example, imagine that you need to buy a case for your new phone.  So, you are more likely to search for something like: ‘phone cases, where to buy phone cases, buy phone cases, etc’.

People consider these keywords and key phrases. For instance, If you have a website that sells phone cases, these would be a few of the top keywords. Most importantly, if you want to rank for the top of Google search results.

What is the difference between ‘ORGANIC’ and ‘PAID Google Search Ranking’?

Next, we’ll discuss the difference between ‘ORGANIC’ and ‘PAID‘ Google search result ranking.

Simply, PAID Google search results ranking is when you pay Google to rank your website. Further, Google displays the website for certain keywords/phrases on search results.

As long as you pay Google for each keyword or phrase Google will display your website as an advertisement on top of search results.

This is quite temporary and the prices constantly go up, depending on the rate of increment of competition for that particular keyword/phrase.

On the other hand, the ORGANIC Google search result ranking is quite the opposite. This depends on the amount of value you provide for a particular keyword/phrase along with organization, simplicity, popularity, and many more.

Getting on top of organic search results ranking is not at all easy, yet once you get there, as long as you continue the SEO process, you will be there for a long time.

‘E-Banner ads’ seem to be ALMOST INVISIBLE to us when we surf the internet. Likewise, most people skip the ‘paid ads section’ on the Google search results. This is because people nowadays know that they would be getting much more value, from the organic search results section.

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