What is CDN?


What is CDN? 

CDN is short for Content Delivery Network. A Content Delivery Network is a system of distributed servers (network).

These servers deliver pages and other web content to a user. This is done based on the geographic location of the web user.

How does a ‘Content Delivery Network’ actually work?

Firstly, the content delivery network caches the content of your website to a network of servers at different locations around the world. Secondly, when someone accesses your website, the server that is nearest to him/her delivers the cached content.

The user might even not recognize the use of the ‘Content Delivery Network’ on your website. The only way to recognize the use of CDN is through the URL.

How does CDN improve the loading time of your website?

Google looks at this loading time as a ranking factor.

The faster your website loads, your website ranks in the higher search results.

Content Delivery Network is a key factor that helps your website load faster. Whenever somebody goes to your web page, it takes a certain amount of time for the page to load. This could be the homepage or any other page on your website.

By using a CDN it’s basically like setting up your web content in the nearest cloud/server.

For instance, imagine your website is hosted on a web server in the USA. So, when someone in the USA accesses your website, as a result, that information does not have to travel that far.  This is because they are in the same country as your server.

Yet, if someone in Australia or Europe tries to access your website, that information has to travel all the way to Australia or Europe.

In conclusion

What a CDN does is, it puts your web content in the nearest cloud/server, so that way content deliveries to end-users more quickly and reliably

Because of the Content Delivery Network, web information has a shorter distance to travel, which makes the overall website load much faster. 

At Acril SEO, we pay a lot of attention to providing a well-optimized CDN facility in all our SEO packages.

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