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When you search for a product or service on the web, you will see the topmost relevant websites for that particular product/service. Among the results, you will also see the google map locations of the most relevant cooperations for that particular product/service on the first page.

Did you know that you can also achieve these for your business?


  • First, you need to set up Google my business account. you have to submit all of your business information to google my business (Business name, Website, Phone number, etc).
  • The second thing is to optimize your website for local SEO.


Apart from the google map search results, you will see a few other top-rated website links (organically ranked websites) on the first page. With the help of ACRIL SEO team of experts, YOU CAN ALSO BE ON THE FIRST PAGE of google search results. At Acril SEO, our main focus is to rank your website high on organic search results.

In order to rank high on google search results :

  • Ask other companies (who provide similar product/service as your company) to mention you on their websites, you are going to rank way higher (Example: list your website on local business directories)
  • Get the clients to review your business and services online and by that increase the click-through rate of the website organically (not using fake click funnel campaigns).
  • Use a high-speed web hosting server and a search engine friendly framework for the website.
  • Keep producing new content (blogs/vlogs) to your website on a regular basis and keeping the website up to date.
  • Increase the social media engagement of your business by maintaining social media accounts on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and, Linkedin. Read our article on ‘How to use Facebook and Instagram to increases sales online’ for more details.

There are so many ways to rank your website and get more customers to your business, and Acril SEO team is ready to help you. CONTACT US NOW BY CLICKING HERE OR [email protected]

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