Is SEO the best type of Online Marketing in 2020

  • June 16, 2020
  • SEO

The fate of advertisements – Marketing in 2020

Methods and systems have changed in Marketing in 2020!

  • When was the last time that you watched a full tv commercial or properly read an online banner ad?
  • Why do we immediately look at our mobile phones whenever there is a tv commercial on television?
  • Aren’t web banners almost invisible to us nowadays?

This is the REALITY of 2020!!!

The power of ‘Google’ and why should you be on the first page of ‘Google search results’?

If you want to get business, you need to be where people go to look for your products and services.

For instance, if you need to know about a good place to eat around, where would you go looking for? Do you drive around town looking at signs for restaurants? or do you GOOGLE ‘Best places to eat around’ on google?

And BE HONEST, how many of us actually ever go to the second and third pages of google search results? ALMOST NEVER!! That is why YOU SHOULD BE ON THE FIRST PAGE of GOOGLE SEARCH for your niche.

So, it is quite clear that the businesses who are on the first page of GOOGLE for relevant search phrases, get MORE THAN 90% of the business.

And it is ABSOLUTELY IMPORTANT to be on the first page if you want to get the majority of customers and to dominate in your field of business!!

When you get to the first page, YOU WILL get 3,4,5 times the business you are getting now. And if you are good at what you do, and if you make sure that you provide the best service/product to your best ability, YOU WILL DOMINATE your area of business. You will gain reoccurring customers as well as plenty more new customers from Google alone.

Why is ‘Search Engine ranking’ a life-long investment unlike banner ads and tv ads?

On the other hand, you can spend an equal or more amount of money on tv ads and banner ads. YET, as we all know, AS SOON AS the advertising budget runs out, your tv ad or your banner ad would be taken down. With SEO, you will be investing for the long term.

Once the groundwork is done and you get to the first page of search results, you will be one of the dominating businesses in that particular niche and you are guaranteed to get a majority of business!!!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) takes time and is a never-ending race. YET, even if you invest all your marketing budget on getting your business website on to the first page of GOOGLE rankings, once you are there, your business will get bigger and better and you will NEVER WANT TO GO BACK!! and GOOD NEWS!! now that you are getting 3,4,5 times of business, it would be much affordable to continue SEO.

SO, where do you think your money is best spent? You decide!

Angelo is a professional blogger and online marketing expert. currently working at AcrilSEO

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